Many of these stain removal tips have been sent in by people like you, while others I have collected through the years from many different sources. These stain remover tips are to be used on washable fabrics only. I hope that you find what you are looking for! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!





Susan from Boisie, Idaho wanted to share this super tip with us; "Remove acrylic paint from clothes with pine cleaner. Soak, scrub, repeat. Takes some time, but it works!" Thanks a bunch Susan!


First, put a paper towel or a rag under the stained area to absorb the excess ink. Spray on a non-oily, alcohol based hair spray. Saturate the ink stain with the hairspray. Blot with a rag and repeat until the stain is gone. Apply prewash stain remover and launder as usual. Also, C. Pillot sent in this dandy tip; "Try milk! Yes, put the piece of cloth into a cup with milk and you'll see it vanishing... then wash or dry clean as usual." Great tip! Thanks!


Blot the stain and dip it in cold water. Rub the spot with a cut lemon, rinse, and air dry. Use prewash stain remover and then launder with warm water.


Cover area with meat tenderizer. Apply a few drops of water to make paste. Wait 15-30 minutes, sponge with cool water. Also.... I just had to add this one because six people wrote in within a few weeks to tell me that it works! Use peroxide to get those blood stains out!Just put a few drops on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then as soon as the blood disappears, wash as usual. Yvonne from Miami, FL writes; "Hydrogen peroxide will remove blood better than bleach. Saturate in peroxide, leave on over night and rinse." Thanks Yvonne! Linda from Ontario Canada sent in this great tip: "For blood, I just dampen it and put any old soap on it. Then if it doesn't wash out, soak in cold water. It is always best to rub some soap on the bloodied area and soak and then wash in cold water." Thanks Linda!Last but not least, Marianne from Northern California sent in this tip; "To remove blood stains... Drench the stain with ammonia and let sit. It will not discolor clothing and always works for me." Thanks bunches Marianne!


Place the garment in a plastic bag and put in the freezer. Gently scrape off the frozen gum with a butter knife and blot with dry-cleaning solvent.


Blot the spot and rub on some cornmeal. Brush off the cornmeal and then apply prewash stain remover, rinse. Wash in hot water. Make sure that the label allows for hot water! Another surprising tip for oil and butter stains, is good old shampoo! Just rub the shampoo on the spot with a soft brush. Let sit for a few minutes and then wash in hot or warm water. Ev from Deep Bay, British Columbia, Canada sent in this great tip; "For removal of greasy food stains, sprinkle flour over the spot and let sit for a while. When you shake off the flour the spot will be gone. Launder as usual." Thanks for the tip Ev!


Put the garment in the fridge for a few minutes. Then gently scrape off the excess wax. Next, put a plain brown paper bag on your ironing board. Put the garment on top of the bag. Now put another paper bag on top of the spot and iron (on low to med setting) on top of the bag. You will see a dark spot on the paper bag. Good! Now move the paper bag under the garment to a clean spot. Move the bag on top to a clean spot. Iron again then repeat the steps until there are no more spots on the bag. Then launder as usual.

Carpet Stains

I've received so many great carpet stain removal tips that I had to make a whole new page for them all! There is even a tip for carpet burns and much more! Just click HERE and you will be transported there! Don't forget to return here to see all of the great stain removal tips!


Blot or scrape off the excess chocolate, then flush with club soda. For a tough stain: Sponge with liquid hand soap and ammonia; launder as usual. Or, try this chocolate stain remover that the Sutherlads sent in; "To get out those though chocolate stains, soak the stained article in milk." Thanks guys, I tried it and it worked for me!


Soak in cool water, then dab the stain with a liquid detergent like dove. Flush with cool water and let air dry.


Place the stained spot between paper towels or pieces of paper bag and press with warm iron. Repeat with clean paper. Blot with dry-cleaning solvent. Another great tip to remove crayolas was this one sent in by P. Victory from Westlake, LA; "Add 1/2 cup of baking soda plus your usual amount of detergent and the hottest water setting possible on your machine. I use the soak cycle once, then turn to normal wash cycle as usual." This also works with lipstick stains. Thanks for the great tip! Also... if you have washed a load of clothes and found that one of your munchkins have left a crayon in a pocket and it stains the whole load, check the great tip below under other Great Tips for a super tip from Lee-anne from MA!


Stretch the stained area sightly and pour boiling water through the stain.


Pre-treat grass stains on washable fabrics by sponging them first with warm water then dabbing the soiled area with un-diluted rubbing alcohol. (use a clean cloth!) Then launder item as usual. Another grass stain remover tip is to scrub the stain with toothpaste and a toothbrush before washing. Or, combine a few drops of household ammonia with 1 tsp. of peroxide. Rub on the stain and rinse with water as soon as stain disappears.


Get the "Grease" out baby!

Grease: DA from Virginia Beach sent in this grease remover tip; "Dawn dishwashing liquid does wonders! Use like a pre-wash treatment." Thanks for the great tip DA! Tammy Timmins from Ontario sent me another great grease stain tip; "For any grease or oil stains on clothing make a paste with laundry detergent and water and rub onto clothing, let sit for 30 minutes or more then wash." Thanks Tammy! Another good tip is to put some full strength Lestoil on the grease stain and rub fabric gently. Rinse and repeat without rinsing. Wash as usual. Or... this great grease tip sent in by Sharon from Terrace, British Columbia, Canada; "If you have a set in grease stain, just spray the stain with WD-40 and let it sit about 30 minutes. Then, treat as a fresh grease stain! Dish soap works well for me!" Thanks Sharon I use this one myself! Last but not least.... this great tip sent in by Carlie from Sydney, Australia; "To remove grease stains from any fabric (including delicates) sprinkle talculm powder all over stain and leave on overnight, best is to hang in the sun. Then wash as normal." Thanks Carlie!


Scrape off excess. Put a drop of lestoil on the stain and brush gently with an old toothbrush. Rinse well and launder as usual. Or, after scraping, pre-soak with a paste of water and enzyme laundry detergent, rinse, dry, then launder.


Got lipstick on his collar? Get it out by rubbing the stain with a generous amount of petroleum jelly, then wash as usual. Also, check out the crayon stains for another great tip sent in by P. Victory!


Sponge stain with cool water. Soak in solution of cool water and dish washing liquid for thirty minutes for a light stain and overnight for a heavy one. Rinse and launder.


To remove ring around the collar, try this simple trick: Wet the collar with warm water, sprinkle liberally with cream of tartar and rub in well. Launder as usual.


First, never use chlorine bleach on a rust stain! Try using a commercial rust remover. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you don't happen to have any rust remover around the house, try one of these tips; Sprinkle the rust stain with salt, rub with lemon juice and place in the sun. Keep checking the stain and make sure that it stays moist by reapplying the lemon juice until the stain disappears. Rinse well! No lemon in the house? Try this trick; Dampen the stain and then spread it with cream of tarter. Carefully hold the stained area above boiling water for a few minutes. (a kettle works well for this) Rinse well. The rust stain should fade as you rinse. Make sure that the fabric can be washed in hot water.


Rub the spot with kerosene until it is removed, then wash with detergent and water. The kerosene will not take the color out of most fabrics. But, it's always a good idea to test it first!

Tea Stains

Venu was kind enough to send this great tip in; "For Tea stains, Rinse the stained area with water, then add some lime juice and leave it for a few seconds. Rinse and wash as usual. Now you've gotta search for the tea stain!" Thanks Venu! And here is another great tip from C. R. from Ontario, Canada; "Sprinkle salt on the tea stain while it is still wet. Wash as usual." Thanks for the dandy tip!


Rub the sap with an ice cube, then gently scrape off any excess sap. Sponge the stain with cleaning fluid and let air dry. Rub with detergent and launder as usual. If stains persist, apply a few drops of household ammonia and air dry. Launder in the hottest water that is safe for that fabric. If you don't have any cleaning fluid around the house, saturate the spot with a pretreatment stain remover. (shout it out is a good one) Wait a few minutes and then rub the stain with a heavy duty laundry detergent. Launder as usual.


For red wine, soak with white wine! Rinse with cool water and wash with enzyme laundry detergent. For white wine, rinse well with cold water and launder as usual.







Baby Wipes: Mike Hess sent this one in! He discovered it when he dripped ketchup on his shirt while in his car. He thought fast and grabbed the baby wipes that just happened to be there. He had been amazed to find that the wipes got every speck of the stain out. Thanks Mike! I don't have any munchkins but, I'll have a pack of those little miracle workers in my car from now on!

Dry Clean Only Trick: JL from Dallas Texas was nice enough to share this tip with us; "White slacks, marked Dry Clean Only -- I hand washed in cool water with "handwashing lotion", and for stubborn spots, (around the hem & others), I used Ivory bar soap -- hang while wet. They were white again!" Thanks a bunch JL!

Super Stain Remover: A.M. Madison from WI sent in this one; "I travel a lot and don't often have handy tools with me to remove stains. I have, however, discovered that white Colgate toothpaste, when rubbed on blood, as well as other stains like red wine, will remove them. Don't use Crest if it is tinged with blue." Thanks so much for this tip! I've tried it and it works like a charm!

Crayon On The Whole Load Of Wash!: Here is a wonderful tip that Lee-anne from MA was kind enough to share with us; "I used about 1/2 - 3/4 cup of Lestoil and about 1/2 of a small box of baking soda and 1/2 cup of regular detergent. When I finished the load, the clothes were almost cleaned so I put them through another wash with the other 1/2 of baking soda box and a little bit of bleach (because my load was dark) It got rid of every spot of crayon and my clothes are looking great again. For a dark load make sure you use a tiny amount of bleach and it shouldn't bleach your colors. But it helps get rid of any leftover stains that the first wash didn't get out." Thanks so much Lee-anne!

Most Stains: Robin emailed me this one in; "I've found that ivory bar soap will get out most anything if you just rub it in well and rinse with water." Thanks Robin!

Stain Removal Solution: G.L. from Ark. sent in this great solution; "Mix two cups of water and two tablespoons each of the following - white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and plain ammonia (not the sudsy kind). Shake well before each use. This is also good for cleaning windows and the shower. It makes mirrors and windows shine like new. It works on any household chore. It even removes most stains from carpets." Thanks G.L. for this wonderful all purpose solution!

More Stains! K. Carson from Muskogee, OK sent in this super tip; "For stains, soak item in a solution of one gallon of water to 1/2 cup of cascade dishwashing detergent. Works like a charm!" Thanks for sharing K!

Grease And Other Stains: DMW from Myrtle Beach, SC sent in this excellent tip; "As a general grease or stain remover I have used Sunlight dish detergent as a prewash stain remover for years. Even works on those "unknown" stains on jeans right at the spot where your kids wipe their hands!" Thanks for this keen tip D!

Food Stains: Syed Sadiq sent me this tip; "For food stains, other than oil and grease, just wash immediately with luke warm water. The stains will disappear." Thanks for taking the time to send in this tip Syed!

Dingy Whites: Dusty from Mangum, Okla. sent this tip; "As a nurse that believes nurses should still wear white... I have found that if you drop a plain aspirin in the washer with your whites it will keep them from getting dingy." Thanks Dusty, I'm going to keep a bottle of aspirin by the washer from now on!

Yellow Whites: Dolores from Las Vegas sent this one in; "If you add white vinegar to white clothes that has become yellow for what ever reason, such as, aging, baby spitup, it will turn your white clothes white again." Thanks Dolores!

Little Stain Removal Miracle!: Andrea from Texas sent this one in; "Ivory bar soap is a miracle-worker! I have removed furniture polish, red wine, tomato sauce, and grape jelly stains from my carpet. Just scrub with an old toothbrush and rinse well." Thanks Andrea for the super tip!

Tip From A Traveler: Cathy sent in this wonderful tip; "I carry the little bottles of shampoo that you get at the hotel, the cheaper the better. If you rub some into a stain soon after it happens, it will usually come out in the wash. I rub it into set stains and throw them in the wash and they usually come clean." Thanks for the swell tip Cathy!